Our Impact

We are always looking to collaborate with like-minded organisations to increase our impact, raise awareness and educate the community about preserving our coastline.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting or funding our coastal management projects.

Here’s a list of the coastal restoration projects we have completed.




Creating a benchmark for Cambridge Coastcare.

Coastwest (2000).


Developing best practice in restoration and dune stabilisation of dune vegetation.

Coastwest Project 21049. (2002).


Biodiversity enrichment plantings for coastal dunes.

Envirofund Project 37733 (2003).


Biodiversity enrichment and conservation.

Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (2004).


Identification, conservation and enrichment of biodiverse zones of Cambridge coastline.

Envirofund Project 48998 (2005).


Integrated restoration for enhancement of biodiversity values of coastal dunes.

Coastwest Project 25083 (2005).


Coastal boardwalk biodiversity enhancement project.

Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (2006).


Safeguarding two locally endemic coastal plant species.

Coastwest Project 26082 (2006).


Enhancing biodiversity values and linkages in a peri-urban coastline.

Envirofund Project 59001 (2007).


Eradication of the pernicious woody weed Victorian Tea Tree from the coastal zone of the Town of Cambridge.

Caring for our Country Project CC084480 (2009).


Eradicating woody weeds and enriching the biodiversity of coastal dunes targeting Victorian tea tree and white weeping broom in the coastal dunes of Cambridge.

Caring for our Country Community Action Grants Project CAG10-00600 (2011).


Biodiversity enrichment and conservation management of degraded coastal vegetation.

Coastwest Project 201189 (2012).


Ecological management and restoration of coastal dunes

Community Action Grant (CAG-1078735-1327).


Restoration of degraded coastal dunes in the Town of Cambridge.

Coastwest Project 201477 (2014).


Purchase of polo shirts for members

Perth Region NRM's Small Grants Program.


Restoration of high value degraded coastal dunes, City Beach. 

25th Anniversary Landcare Grants 2014-15.


Restoration of high profile degraded coastal dunes at City Beach.

Coastwest Grants 2015-6


Arresting Floreat dog beach blow-outs

Coastwest Grants 2016-7


Challenger Parade dune restoration

Coastwest Grants 2017-8


Arresting Floreat dog-beach blow-outs stage 2

Coastwest Grants 2018-9


Improving coastal dune monitoring and management using innovative technologies

Coastwest Grants 2018-9


Re-stocking digging tools

Landcare's Toast to Coast Grants 2018


Floreat Beach dune restoration

Coastwest Grants 2020-1


Improving coastal dune monitoring & management - Phase 2

Coastwest Grants 2021-2


Helicopter car-park dune restoration project

Coastwest Grants 2021-22


Floreat dune restoration - Phase 3

Coastwest Grants 2022-23


Floreat main beach coastal dunes - Phase 1

Coastwest Grants 2023-24


History of Cambridge Coastcare

Town of Cambridge Sustainabilty Grant 2023-24


Without the support of our generous funding partners, our costal restoration and preservation work would not be possible.

Aerial Monitoring

Cambridge Coastcare recognises the importance of understanding the dynamics of the natural coastal dune system to achieve success in their dune management activities. To further their understanding, Cambridge Coastcare undertook two aerial survey projects to:

  • Explore available technology to survey the coastal dunes
  • Monitor and measure coastal changes using a science evidence-based approach
  • Improve/standardise documentation so the information could be made widely available to share the results and highlight issues for action
  • Assess volunteer restoration efforts and target future actions to achieve results.

Remote drone pilot with the drone and sophisticated camera used in the aerial imaging flights. Oct 2018

Funding was provided through the Western Australian Planning Commission Coastwest grants scheme. Remsense, Omnidrone and GeoCue were the industry specialists in remote drone pilots and digital imaging. Russell Teede and Ross Sutherland provided spatial analysis and a detailed report.

Read the full report