About Us

Protecting and restoring our coastline since 1998

Cambridge Coastcare began in March 1999 with its incorporation and with the formation of a committee of management. The idea came from the Town of Cambridge in 1998 when they expressed an interest in establishing a Coastcare organization to assist with the managing, monitoring and protection of the environment and recreational values of the coastline in the Town.

Since we have been incorporated we have managed to acquire over $500,000 in grant monies from various sources. We are grateful to have the support of a large number of individual members and family memberships. We are also joined by ad hoc volunteers for our regular planting and dune restoration days.

Our Vision

Australia is richly endowed with beautiful pristine beaches which are the envy of the world. City Beach and Floreat Beach are outstanding examples, with their unspoiled environment, family atmosphere and expanses of coastal vegetation. Cambridge Coastcare seeks to protect and enhance the recreational, educational and environmental values of these two beaches that make up the Town of Cambridge coastline.

Our Objectives

We undertake action to:

  • Promote an awareness of the need to conserve and protect the natural resources of the coastal zone within the Town of Cambridge and adjoining areas
  • Monitor sand dune dynamics and the impact of restoration work
  • Seek funding for coastal management projects
  • Lead and undertake volunteer working days for natural dune restoration and maintenance
  • Inspire the public’s interest in the preservation of the coastline vegetation.

Our Constitution

Our constitution outlines the basic set of rules for the running of our group.

Our Team

  • Chair: Ivo Davies
  • Treasurer: Lionel Johnston
  • Secretary: Anna Napier
  • Committee: Meg Anklesaria, Kingsley Dixon, Caroline Duncan, David Forbes, Erin Veiga Malta, Keith Meadows, Peter Olden, Jo Wagner.

Our Partners

The contributions of our partners and funding donors makes our work caring for coast possible. All donations are gratefully received as they help towards the cost of our planting and dune restoration programs.

How to donate

Our Patch

We care for the fabulous natural coastal dunes located within the Town of Cambridge, a beautiful beach-side suburb in Perth, Western Australia.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide a terrific overview of what has been achieved each year thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Contact information

Postal Address
Cambridge Coastcare
3 Camden Street
Wembley Downs WA 6019